Zanzibar Launches Its Essential Health Care Package

After three years of hard work, the Bergen Centre for Ethics and Priority Setting’s Zanzibar team, led by Omar Mwalim and Kjell Arne Johansson, celebrated the Ministry of Health’s launch of their essential health care package.

Official Launch of the EHCP report on 16 November 2022

The Ministry of Health Zanzibar officially launched the Zanzibar Essential Health Care Package (EHCP) on 16 November 2022. Present at the launch was Second Vice President of Zanzibar, Hemed Suleiman Abdullah.

Development of a Mobile App

A mobile app has also been developed with the purpose of making the list of interventions in the EHCP accessible to health care practitioners and the community in general. It is designed to show services that are supposed to be available at each of the health facility levels. The main purpose of this simple app is for the Ministry of Health to communicate more effectively to patients what health services they are entitled to and to present the EHCP interventions to NGOs and development partners. 

The EHCP report and app are available for download from the Ministry of Health website.

Well done and congratulations to all those who have supported this this work!